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diplomate Classical Homeopathy

Vithoulkas College of Classical Homeopathy



Embark on a personal and professional journey

Discover a truly holistic medicine with pioneering tools and groundbreaking insights into the dynamic process of pathology and cure.

Prof. Vithoulkas, most awarded living homeopath shares his 60 years of experience and knowledge in this comprehensive training. He presents this art of healing with a clear and reliable methodology in lively and engaging courses. By investigating the mysteries of health and healing, we support our student in self-reflection, in shaping their practice and professional goals. We are proud to be an inclusive and international community, a place to connect, grow and thrive.

The training can be taken at different entry levels and is addressed to both newcomers and experienced homeopaths, medical doctors, wider health professionals and scientists to master the Science of Homeopathy, gain a clear understanding of its fundamental laws and discover the latest breakthroughs.


  • condensed diploma course: 2 year teaching +       1 year supervision

  • holistic art of healing to ensure physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing

  • reliable scientific approach: clear methodology and reliable Materia Medica for constant results

  • highly enjoyable lectures with Prof Vithoulkas' sunny personality and great sense of humour

  • personal development supported by group work

  • well designed resources to fit all learning types

  • online tools and printable materials

  • best value for money: all inclusive, no hidden fees, no extra travel and accommodation costs. Discounts on books and repertorisation software. Click here for more info


Most awarded homeopath in the world

Right Livelihood Award, Homeopath of the Millennium, Gold Medal of the Hungarian Republic...

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International alumni network & Union


Astonishing publications in medical journals

with his team at IACH Research & Scientific Committee

Highly regarded by conventional medicine institutions

Honorary professor in 11 universities worldwide and Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine

Guest speaker at international organisations

Accredited by medical universities worldwide

over 2.500 members worldwide 

Unsurpassed clinician & inspiring teacher

with over 60 years of experience, a sunny personality and a great sense of humour





 In my opinion, this course is most excellent, fascinating and absorbing, reflecting the quality of Prof Vithoulkas’ teaching. 

 The lively description of the remedies, cases, and theory – coloured, lightened and made lively through anecdotes by the master. I am above all very grateful for the possibility to balance his virtual presence through the videos with the live courses.

I had the opportunity to learn what real homeopathy is all about and discovered a science with its own rules and laws. It is so logic and uncomplicated. I feel blessed and grateful. No other teacher could teach me the Theory, the Materia Medica in such a way that all the information stays impressed. I think these teachings should really become the bases for the future education of all homeopaths all over the world.

 I am an allopathic doctor new to homeopathy and had no prior knowledge/ experience prior to joining this course but was very eager to learn and eventually start my own outpatient practice. I’ve been enjoying the training and the videos very much!

 Today, millions of people try homeopathic treatment to cure their sufferings, with mixed results. It is because some of the practitioners lack the correct training. If anyone wants to become a true healer and learn this beautiful and complex science, there is a complete training program in which the best homeopath in the world, Prof George Vithoulkas, will share his knowledge and his experience of over 50 years.

 I enjoy very much the video lectures of Prof Vithoulkas! They are of real help for me. He is a marvellous teacher and I feel that he opens my mind, offering me very clear information.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and feel very privileged to have been able to access Prof. Vithoulkas's teachings, wisdom and experience. I am so grateful to have learnt to practice in a Classical way and realise how much transformation and healing can happen. I am grateful for the way Prof Vithoulkas brings to life the remedy pictures and teaches case reactions and management. 

 I loved the training! I am a Hahnemannian homeopath practicing for 17 years. I wanted to take the course so I could get a better understanding of the Levels of Health. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am so glad I did! Now I say “Wow… How can any homeopathy treat a patient without knowing this information!”

I loved every minute of every lecture. The entire course was delivered in a way that was engaging, stimulating and inspiring.  I know I received the best possible education available in the world today. It is my opinion that every Homeopathic prescriber should learn the Levels of Health as part of their education. I hold a deep gratitude for the school and the teachings, and continue to recommend the training program to all regardless of whether they are a novice or an experienced practitioner.

 I have studied homeopathy off and on over 14 years and I can say without hesitation that this course offered with the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy has been by far the best thing I have ever invested my time and resource in!


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