This academic course sets Homeopathy to scientific standards, brings clarity and coherence. It is addressed to health practitioners, scientists and medical students, to newcomers (with additional modules) or advanced homeopaths.

This structured course covers 5 thematic units: Theory, Materia Medica, Repertorisation, key topics and controversies in homeopathy, and over 60 clinical cases with long follow-ups.

The program is delivered in a thriving classroom environment, 3 days a month over 2 years, followed by a clinical year during which the student compiles and submits a portfolio of 10 clinical cases.

Students experience Prof. George Vithoulkas' lectures and clinical work with patient interviews, case taking and prescribing. Video lectures and clinical cases are presented by our UK coordinator and widely discussed in the classroom. Additional live webinars are offered during the year to showcase the latest medical breakthroughs, the findings of the Academy's Research & Scientific Committee and challenging cases are discussed by our international speakers to further illustrate theory into practice.

With this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding, a clear methodology and be fully equipped to treat successfully and with confidence challenging cases and chronic conditions.


Offers solid foundation and in-depth understanding of Classical Homeopathy principles and practice

Reviewing the Law

Materia Medica

Covers 150+ remedies, keynotes, essence of remedy, and differential diagnosis.

Divided in 3 modules

Homeopathic Medicine Production
Analyzing Scans

Clinical cases

60+ cases with in depth analysis, long follow-ups, 

prescribing strategies 

and differential diagnosis

Doctor Office

Levels of health

Master this breakthrough in medical science to assess the depth of a pathology and give a more accurate prognosis

Repertorisation, discussions and controversies

Presents the methodology of Repertorisation, how to use VC software, and covers key topics and controversies on Homeopathy


Clinical case portfolio

10 cases, with minimum 2 follow-ups over 6 month.


Additional module

Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology course for students with no prior medical background




Continuous assessment

Final examinations