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This unrivaled training is known for bringing clarity, coherence, reliable methodology and boost your clinical practice.
It will take you on a personal and professional journey, make you a successful and confident practitioner.

This course can be taken at different entry level and is addressed to both newcomers and advanced homeopaths, medical doctors, wider health professionals, and scientists. It is highly structured, covers Theory, Materia Medica, Repertorisation, Research Methodology, Prescribing Strategies, reactions to the remedy, Case taking with extensive Analysis, Pathology evaluation, comparison of Remedies.

It also presents Prof Vithoulkas' medical breakthroughs, essential to a successful practice: the Continuum of Diseases & the Levels of Health, exclusive tools to assess the depth of the pathology and give an enhanced prognosis and accurate prescription.

The program is delivered in livestream classes. Video lectures and clinical cases are presented by our UK coordinators and widely discussed in the online class.

With this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding, a clear methodology and be fully equipped to treat successfully and with confidence challenging cases and chronic conditions.

For students with no medical background, it is compulsory, in order to comprehend and appreciate the E-learning Course to its fullest extent, to complete successfully studies in Anatomy, Physiology and Clinical Medicine. The discounted course of IACH is available here:

The detailed Curriculum of the 10 modules of the 2-year E-learning homeopathy course can be viewed here

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