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Healthy children today

Which medicine for our children? How to avoid or help them out of chronic diseases.
12hr webinar for medical professionals, homeopathy students and practitioners.
12-13th November 2022, 12noon-6pm London time

Discover Prof. Vithoulkas' contribution in the understanding and handling of chronic diseases emerging today and jeopardising the young generation. Follow the presentation of clinical cases and gain an unrivalled methodology.

During this live event, Prof Vithoulkas and his team will answer all questions, share their invaluable experience and knowledge and help you boost your practice.

Speakers: Prof Vithoulkas, Drs Atul Jaggi, Seema Mahesh, Mahesh Mallappa, Latika Jaggi, Cristina Horvath.

Date & Time: 12-13th November 2022, 12noon-6pm London time

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Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, German, Turkish, Bulgarian, Thai

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