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Reviewing the Law

Theory comprises of 2 modules and is presented in themes with constant references to the Organon, in a lively way and widely exemplified, so that it becomes alive. Students share their understanding and reflexions on the Organon, to acquire a solid foundation and in-depth understanding of the fundamental laws and principals that underpin homeopathy.

Detailed bibliographical references are given for each lesson, with printable student notes, self-assessment questions, guided study and groupwork. 


I. Law of similars - Homeopathic aggravation - Reaction after the remedy

II. Reaction after the remedy

III. The 3 levels of the human being - Therapeutic modalities affecting

the mental, emotional & physical levels - Factors promoting good state of health - The limitations of homeopathy

IV. The hierarchy within the 3 levels of human being - The energy complex of the human being - State of detachment from the physical body (part 1)

V. States of detachment from the physical body (part 2) - Factors that determine health - Universal energy & the human being - Miasms

VI. The objectives of the homeopathic treatment - Definition of health (part 1)

VII. Definition of health (part 2) - How to measure and evaluate health

VIII. Progression of diseases - The 3 levels of the human being - The definition of health

IX. The qualities of a healthy mind

X. Provings

XI. Symptoms versus normality

XII. The definition of a symptom - What are the important symptoms, how to recognise and use them

XIII. Secrets of taking a homeopathic case

XIV. Introduction to homeopathic prescribing

XV. The action of the remedy according to Hahnemann and Vithoulkas - The nature of the vital force - Levels of consciousness in nature and humans (how can consciousness influence our health)

XVI. Strategies for prescribing - The appearance of proving symptoms during treatment

XVII. Prescribing methods

XVIII. Death on the spiritual & psychic level

XIX. Prevention & vaccination

XX. Direction of cure - Levels of health

XXI. Levels of health in relation to predisposition, infection potential, vaccination

XXII. The Continuum of a Unified Theory of Diseases

XXIII. The Continuum of a Unified Theory of Diseases (complete analysis)

XXIV.  How diseases are manifesting - Stresses that act as exciting causes

XXV. How to handle an acute - How to handle an aggravation

XXVI. Potentizing - Schuessler salts - • Factors affecting the medicines

XXVII. Potentization

XXVIII. Pathology on the mental/emotional/physical levels - Direction of cure (part 1)

XXIX.  Pathology on the mental/emotional/physical levels - Direction of cure (part 2)

XXX. Case taking (part 1/2/3/4)


I. Underlining - Prescribing according to the layers - One sided diseases

II. Suppression - Vaccination

III. Acute prescribing during chronic treatment (part 1) - Characteristics of groups 1‐4 - Pathology of groups 1‐4

IV. Acute prescribing during chronic treatment (part 2/3)

V. Kent’s observations: evaluation of the case (part 1/2) - Prescribing on layers - Prevention - Provings

VI. Deeper insight to Kent’s observations by George Vithoulkas (evaluation of the case) - part 1/2/3/4 - Direction of cure & disease

VII. Causes of disease

VIII. Obstacles to cure - Physical (anatomical / drugs / organ damage) - Emotional (husband syndrome / serious problems) - Mental (fixed ideas)

IX. Obstacle to cure - Physical (Mechanical/drugs/deep or permanent damage)

X. Obstacle to cure - Emotional (Husband syndrome/emotional insecurity/permanent problems/guilt/emotional death) - Mental (Spiritual seekers/fixed ideas/hypochondriasis/intellectualisation/independence)

XI. Cases under allopathic drugs: How to reduce/stop them.

XII. Diagnosis through odors of the human body

XIII. On follow up’s - How to handle the patient - Miasms

XIV. Miasms (sycotic miasm)

XV. What is the constitutional remedy

XVI. The meaning of homeopathic consultation - Preparation of the homeopath

XVII. Handling the remedies

XVIII. AIDS - Skin diseases

XIX. Comments on Opium case - stages of remedies - placebo effect - Hormonal intake during treatment - healthy children

X. Homeoprophylaxis & vaccination

XI. Different healing methods & their efficacy

XII. Organon paragraphs 210-211-212

XIII. The different therapeutic systems and their effects compared with homeopathy

XIV. Qualities of a good teacher for homeopathy

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